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Travel List for Holidays

Travel List - Leave Home Prepared

A little travel information to pass on that may help ease the stress and anxiety when preparing for holidays. It is a simple but most often neglected travel list. Are you the type of person that worries about what to take and prior to travel always say... "Gee, I hope we have everything?" Well, with a little preparation and putting together a simple list of items to pack beforehand, can save you that worry.

How many times have you or a family member left on vacation and arrived at your destination only to find that you forgot to pack that "oh... so important item? " Well, if you are one of the few who said no, then you obviously must have a pre-travel list. What we normally like to do is simply put out a sheet of paper prior to travel and start marking the little often missed items we wish to take along, as they pop into our mind. Our family has done this for years and it's worked out great!

A Packing List Is Your Travel List

So, you and your family are getting ready for that long anticipated vacation, but just what are you packing? If you're travelling by air and with the airlines now charging huge amounts for baggage, it's important to take only what you need! Why do my wife and daughter always insist on taking their entire clothes closet with them on a 2 week vacation, only to use 2 or 3 items of the 15 that they packed? Is it a girl thing? I read a great article from the host of my favourite television program "Amazing Race" recently. He even mentioned to take only what you absolutely need and are 100% sure you will use it!

I've become extremely proud of myself in being able to pack pretty much everything into a nice size carry on for a typical 2 week vacation. I also keep in mind that I can carry an extra bag home for any souvenirs and such that I've gathered while away. It's so nice to walk off the plane and not have to wait with the hundreds of others at the luggage carousel. A carry-on bag for each of us has worked great on our last adventures. My recommendation for vacation travel is to pack light and try to remember it's a holiday not a 2 week business trip where you need a new outfit every day!

Put Only What You Need, Not Want On Your Travel List

I think my wife is beginning to get the message when preparing and packing for travel. She's beginning to see the light when it comes to packing only what she needs and not what she may need. My daughter still has a lot to learn in that regard and can't quite understand as a teen, that she doesn't need 5 pairs of shoes for a tropical vacation!

Preparing a list is simple and very effective. I always make sure to include these important items below on the list, other than that, it's up to you and what you need and are planning to use.

• Photocopy important travel documents and pack separately.
• Travel Itinerary and appropriate tickets.
• Reservations and confirmation numbers and papers.
• Travel insurance documents.
• Long Distance calling card arrangements and numbers.
• ATM and credit cards
• Driver's License

Happy travels.

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