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Lima Travel: 8 Things to Do For Under $10

Lima is a huge city, and as the capital of Peru, it has all the facilities and amenities to suit all interests and travel styles. Furthermore, much of it can be experienced on a budget! Here are 8 things you can do for under $10 US dollars in this lively metropolis.

1. Eat well - Peru is known as the gastronomic capital of South America, so food it one of its highlights. For $10, you can enjoy everything from a fresh plate of seafood caught that morning, or a big steak passionately grilled to perfection. Food in Lima is delicious and cheap, so make it a cornerstone activity of your Peru vacations!

2. Tour the historic downtown - Bus tours and guides through Lima's downtown can be easily found for less than $10 for the day. Guides will explain the architectural details you'd miss on your own, and you might even have a chance to visit the Spanish catacombs in the basement of the San Francisco Church.

3. Drink the night away - Happy Hours can be found at many of the bars in the Miraflores and Barranco districts, making it economical to start the night on the right foot. $10 can go further than you may imagine.

4. Discover ancient pyramids - Machu Picchu is great but it's far away. Close is the Huaca Pucllana pyramid in the middle of the residential Miraflores neighborhood built between 200 and 700 A.D., a time when the impressive Lima culture existed before the Incas ever did. Entrance to the fascinating complex in the center of the city only costs about $4.

5. Go surfing for 1 hour - Lima is situated next to the Pacific Ocean. Although the waters remain quite cold all year round, surf shops at the waterfront happily rent out surfboards, wetsuits, and professional teachers to make sure your time on the waves are as wonderful as possible.

6. Bowl - Take a group of friends with you and go bowling! One of the most popular places to do so is in the modern Larcomar mall which is on the cliffside of the Miraflores neighborhood.

7. Enjoy a coffee - Peruvian coffee is of high quality and a good excuse for people watching. Grab a cup at any of the caf├ęs around Kennedy Park and sit outside watching locals and internationals alike walk by all day.

8. See a movie - For less than $10, you can see a recent release movie at any of the first-rate theaters in Lima. On Tuesdays, theater tickets are half price, giving you even more incentive to get a head jump into pop culture.

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