Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Train Travel Safety Tips

To ensure that you attain the best travel experience, it is good to be safe and vigilant and observe the following safety precautions.
· Make sure that you arrive at the station in good time and know the timetable and be prepared for changes since the train can be delayed without any notice.
· Buy your ticket in good time to secure a seat or you may end up standing the whole distance.
· Always wait in the lighted part of the platform and don't isolate your self from the other passengers.
. stay away from the train trucks as it is very easy to get hurt as the train pulls in or out of the station.
· Keep your luggage close to you at all times and your valuables in handbag that has a secure strap on your person. All zips should be closed.
· When getting on the train be careful as the steps can be a bit steep and ensure that you have all your luggage.
· Be well informed about your destination and sit in the coach most convenient for you when disembarking.
· When in the train keep your luggage in the compartment above you where you can keep an eye on it.
· Don't stay in a coach all by yourself and if you feel vulnerable change to another coach where you feel more secure.
· If you are traveling with children talk to them before hand and ensure that they do not wander about in the train and should return to their seat every time the train stops.
· Don't open the train door before the train stops completely and watch out because even when the train has stopped, it can still make sudden movements.
· Be careful when alighting as the steps down can be dangerous.
· Always keep your ticket close and retain it to the end of the journey.The train conductor can ask for your ticket at any time during the journey so keep it close by so that you don't have to look for it every time.
. If you are going on a long distance ensure that you bring some food and drink and any medication you need.
. if you find any unattended luggage, Please inform the Train conductor.
. Look out for the emergency bell just incase you may need help during the journey
Now that you are safe and comfortable, I hope that you enjoy your train ride and don't forget to look out the window as the landscape can be so breathtaking in some areas.

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